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Dr. Q.C. Monnaham is on the brink of eradicating mosquitoes, and the diseases they carry, off of the face of terraformed exoplanet Proxima Centauri b. In order for her plan to succeed, she needs to bioengineer the sexiest mosquito-man possible, so that he can pass down a gene that stops mosquito reproduction in its tracks. Her only problem is this: All of her mosquitoes are completely unfuckable.

Can Q.C. solve the mystery, get her mosquitoes laid, and rid Proxima of this pest for good? Find out in Live Hot Bugs!


22 page black and white PDF including an 18 page comic and Fun Science Facts. For $2 more you can also get the short story it's based on.


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AuthorL Reeves
Tagsbugs, Female Protagonist, Futuristic, Sci-fi, Space, zine


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Funny, short, and almost educational. I was expecting sexy insects

this is a great short read and i really enjoyed it! its funny and well written, while  the art is emotive and has a unique style to it that isn't traditionally associated with sci-fi, which makes it that much more fascinating. i've never seen any concept close to this at all, it's super original!


tysm! :')

This comic is funny & I love it. I'm glad we could trade at CZF (checks notes) TWO YEARS AGO????????

wait wait wait, it was def one year ago, right? also ty~~~

KJSHDKSHDKSJH YOU'RE TOTALLY RIGHT i was mixing my years up....i tabled twice.....


This was wonderful, I had to restrain my laughter so I didn't wake up my parents but restraining it was HARD

aw, thank you! :)

Very cool! I chuckled hard and liked the story a lot. Not sure I will look at mosquitos the same way ever again though... now I am pondering their sex lives, wth?


tysm! and i speak from experience: don't do a mosquito sex deep dive.


This was delightful! Great art style and hilarious (very screencap-able) panels for teasing all my friends. Glad I spotted this gem in the BLM bundle! 

thank you so much! glad you enjoyed it. :)